How do we Choose a camping stool?


When we go camping outdoors, it is very important to choose a comfortable and easy-to-use camping stool. So how should we choose a camping stool?  We need to consider the following three factors.
camping stool
1. Size: If you  travel by car, it will be more comfortable to choose a large-sized chair; if you  travel on foot, you have to carry them on your back during the long-term hiking, and you must choose a smaller size and lighter weight after folding chair.
2. Weight: Compared with wooden tables and chairs or sofas used at home, camping stools for outdoor use are obviously much lighter. However, the light weight of the camping stools is also graded. If you choose aviation aluminum brackets and fine fabrics, the overall weight of the camping stool will be lighter.

3. Load-bearing capacity: Before purchasing, you also need to check the load-bearing capacity of a camping stool. Generally speaking, a chair for children or teenagers can bear 67-100KG, while an adult chair can bear 100-225KG.

camping stool