The History of Camping Cot


The marching bed is a foldable bed used by troops on the march. It is made of wooden frame or metal frame and canvas. It is mostly used for marching or field work. The marching bed has the characteristics of small size after being folded and bagged, and easy to carry.

At first, the marching beds were researched and finalized by the professional department that provided military supplies, and then the designated production unit produced them, and were uniformly distributed by the troops according to their needs. In principle, non-military personnel are not allowed to use them. But as more and more people engage in outdoor leisure, camping and other activities, the varieties of camp cots are becoming more and more diverse, and different varieties have been derived. For example, camping cots, etc., camping cots are very popular among people. Now there are many brands of camping cots on the market that are mainly used by individual outdoor enthusiasts or outdoor workers.