5 Keys to Picking a Camping Table


The camping table is one of the most important equipment for camping, and there are all kinds of camping tables on the market. How to choose?
This time, I will sort out 5 key points for you to choose a camping table, and teach you how to choose a camping table.

1. Expand the size
The expansion size of the camping table can be divided into two parts: table size and table height.
Desktop size:
The choice of desktop size must consider the number of users and the size of the space. If there are a large number of campers, a larger or longer tabletop is usually required to meet the needs of use. But it can't be too big, and you must also consider the size of your tent space, especially if you use a more closed living room tent instead of a more open canopy, the whole space may feel crowded.
Desk height:
I think the height of the desktop greatly affects the user experience. You must pick a table top height you like and match your camping chair height. The height of about 40~55 cm belongs to the low table, and the height of about 55~75 cm belongs to the high table.

2. Storage

Like other camping gear, storage size must be carefully considered. In addition to considering the storage space at home, the more important question is whether the car can be loaded?
The storage of the camping table is also divided into a plate shape and a column shape. Usually, the egg roll table is stored in a column shape, and the folding table is stored in a plate shape. I think the columnar storage is better, but also pay attention to the length not too long, it may not fit into the car box, or get stuck on the wheel arch of the car.

3. Stability
On the camping table, there may sometimes be hot soups, stoves, etc. You definitely don't want these things to tip over! So the stability of the table is very important.
There are many camping tables on the market that pursue lightness”, but it is likely that the stability of the table has been sacrificed because of the pursuit of lightness.
It's not that you can't buy this type of table, it's also very marketable, but I suggest that if you are a friend who just started camping, the camping table you are looking for should be "universal".

4. Load
The load of the camping table is one of the data we often refer to, but it represents the uniform load, not the concentrated load, so don't think that he wrote 50 kg, you let a 50 kg child sit on it, Even if the skeleton is not broken, the table top may bend.

5. Extensibility/functionality
Recently, there are more and more camping table designs, all of which can be changed in many ways, such as expansion accessories, extended tabletops, kitchen tabletops, etc., so that your camping table is not only used in one way.

This is also the part I like to look at when I choose a camping table recently. After all, a camping table is more difficult to use and break, and usually has a longer lifespan than a tent. Can it be made according to our different usage habits? Different changes, I think are also very important.