Practical tips for choosing a camping table


People take food as their priority, and the same goes for camping! Delicious food adds fun to camping! A table is needed for eating, but some campsites do not have a table, so always keep one in the trunk when camping by yourself.
There are so many different types of camping tables with different functions, how to choose? Today, I will introduce the types and selection tips of camping tables.
Generally speaking, camping tables can be divided into three categories, we will discuss each one in detail~
1. Cooking station or cooking station
Refers to a place that can be used as a kitchen countertop to prepare and cook food. Its unique features are:
Sturdy enough - cookware, ingredients and bowls can be placed on it without collapsing;
Versatile - Set up storage compartments, cooking counters, dish washing stations, hooks to hang camp lights, shelves to hang cookware.
Aluminium is one of the best materials for a cooking surface, it is hard-wearing and basically rust-free.
When using it, please note that cooking or cooking stations are not intended for dining, so do not consider trying to use them as a dining table.
2. Dining table
A table specially used for dining and can also place sundries. Their characteristics:
Taller - and provides enough leg room to stretch around for meals;
Sturdy - able to support the weight of food, drink and elbow support;
Lightweight and Portable - There is not enough space in the car, so you need to choose a table that is small and light when it is stowed.
The dining table is a tall gear that needs to be carried almost every time you camp. Before buying, consider how many people are usually sitting at a table and make your purchases accordingly.
3. Auxiliary table

Can be used for games, a table for drinks or snacks, or a table for clutter. These auxiliary tables are relatively light and small, and come in a variety of sizes and heights to choose from. When using it, pay attention to its load-bearing and self-weight, and choose a lighter and better-bearing table.