What are the main outdoor camping equipment?


1、 Outdoor tent

I still remember when I was a boy scout, the tent was heavy and difficult to build. Either the tent was not tight or the nails were difficult to fix. In short, it was not easy to set up a tent at all; But now the tent can be set up easily after being improved and combined with advanced technology and materials. Even novice campers have no problem. The tent can not only protect against wind, rain, sun and mosquitoes, but also maintain privacy and create the feeling of an outdoor cabin. It is an important equipment for camping, so remember to do some homework when purchasing.

Tent specification: it is recommended to distinguish by size when buying a tent. The length and width of about 250-270 cm is a more standard specification, which can accommodate about 4 people. In this way, there can be moderate activity space in the tent and sleeping will not be too crowded.

Waterproof function: it is inevitable to encounter rain or mountain water and dew outdoors, so the waterproof property of the tent is also one of the key items of purchase. Whether it is the external curtain, internal curtain or waterproof floor cloth, it is recommended to have a water pressure resistance of more than 2000mm according to the marked waterproof coefficient when purchasing.

Storage size: This is mainly due to the problem of transportation. If you plan to ride to camp, the size of the tent after folding must meet the conditions you can carry. Therefore, when buying, you must consider your own needs and then choose a suitable tent, so you won't spend money in vain.

2、 Inflatable sleeping mat and damp proof mat

Sleeping on the ground in the wild is always difficult to predict. If you encounter uneven ground, it must not be enough to rely on tents or sleeping bags alone. Therefore, the quality of inflatable sleeping mats will relatively affect the quality of sleep. If you don't want to spend money on camping at the beginning, you can use the quilt at home first. Although it will be hot in summer and inconvenient to carry, it can be a substitute for the sleeping mat at the beginning of camping; When purchasing inflatable sleeping mats, it is recommended that the thickness should be more than 5cm, so that even if you sleep on uneven ground, you won't feel uncomfortable.

The main purpose of the damp proof pad is to isolate the moisture and cold on the ground. Even if the tent itself has the function of waterproof, the moisture humidity in the mountains and forests is high. One more layer of damp proof pad can provide one more layer of protection. With the damp proof pad, it is easier for beginners to start with. It is recommended to prepare first.

3、 Sleeping bag

There are many choices of sleeping bags, depending on the location and season of your camping. In recent years, the climate has become extreme, with high temperature in summer and snow in winter. Therefore, if you want to challenge the outdoor life in winter, the warmth of sleeping bags should be enough.

Warmth retention: sleeping bags are made of cotton, man-made fiber and down. Cotton sleeping bags have poor warmth retention, large and heavy volume, and can be used in low altitude camping areas, while man-made fiber sleeping bags with good quality have relatively high warmth retention and air permeability, and are relatively easy to clean; Down (or feather) sleeping bag is the best of the three materials. It mainly uses duck down, goose down or other waterfowl feathers. It is not only light and easy to store, but also has good warmth, ventilation and water resistance, but the price is also relatively high. Generally, sleeping bags will be marked with cold resistant temperature. If you plan to challenge the mountains in winter, the cold resistance of sleeping bags should be about - 15 ℃. If it's just a general travel, the cold resistance of sleeping bags should be 5 ℃.

Applicability: when choosing sleeping bags, you must choose their own size, because the sleeping bags are too large or too short, which will not only affect the warmth retention, but also make you unable to turn your body all night, which is also very painful. In addition, try to keep the sleeping bag dry before and after use. The sleeping bag can be breathable and can be used for a long time.

4、 Stoves and pans

In addition to sleeping comfortably, eating is of course another key point, and most camping must rely on portable stoves, such as the common card gas stove, which is very convenient to use, and it is no problem to cook in general low altitude areas; If camping has become the norm, when buying stoves, you can choose special stoves with higher grades and equipped with windproof sheets, heat conducting sheets, etc. In fact, the stainless steel soup pot and pan commonly used at home can be used during camping, unless it is convenient for storage, and the steel cup is also a good appliance. It is small in size, easy to carry, and can hold cold and hot drinks.

Remind you who love camping to use a gas stove or make a fire by yourself in the mountains and forests. Be sure to pay attention to whether the flame is completely extinguished, and don't cause unnecessary disasters due to carelessness.

5、 Camping tables and chairs

Although you are in the wild, you should still enjoy it. With tables and chairs, you can not only let friends and relatives get together to eat, chat, play games and enhance each other's feelings, but also use the table to prepare food materials and place items. Novice campers can bring a simple small folding table and small folding chairs or plastic chairs from home; When there are more opportunities for camping, you can consider aluminum folding tables with better quality and higher height, as well as outdoor folding seats made of cloth, so that camping can be as leisurely as at home.