What are the materials of the marching bed


The traditional marching beds are made of canvas fabric, which is firm, durable, breathable and easy to get dirty. Now the marching bed has been improved and the fabric has been renovated. However, with the wide use of people, more and more people need small marching beds for outdoor leisure, camping and accompanying in hospitals. There are more and more varieties, which are deeply loved by people.

Whether it's breathable or canvas fabric, and whether it's strong or Oxford fabric, each has its own merits. For marching wear, priority should be given to permeability and comfortable sleep. The materials of the marching bed are all cotton plain weave, all cotton twill and tribute section, all of which are satin fabrics. Warp and weft yarns are interwoven at least once every three yarns, so satin weave makes the fabric denser, so the fabric is thicker. The cost of satin weave products is higher than that of similar plain weave and twill weave products. The cloth surface is smooth, delicate and shiny.

Oxford fabric is a traditional combed cotton fabric. Its material is mainly polyester or nylon. The main material of nylon is polyamide fiber. It is characterized by firmness, wear resistance, easy washing and poor air permeability.