How novices choose camping chairs depends on what parameters


The selection of outdoor chairs generally depends on two aspects: folding mode and material.

texture of material

There are three main places for camping chairs, with different materials, including support, cushion, foot pad and link point. The common materials of supports are iron, steel pipe, aluminum alloy, etc. no matter which material is selected, it is generally treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

You may have heard that aluminum alloy is relatively light. In fact, it depends on the size of the chair and the amount of support materials used. If the aluminum alloy chair is relatively large, the weight is not light. And Dongge thinks that weight is not the most important factor, because anyone who can bring a camping chair to go camping is basically driving by himself.

Here, Dongge also recommends a kind of camping chair to you, that is, beech camping chair. In fact, in addition to a full set of aluminum alloy camping furniture, beech camping furniture is another style. Here is a picture of beech camping chair. For more details, you can click any link in this article to enter the store and search beech to see more beech furniture.


The material selection of the support has a certain impact on the load-bearing. Dongge explained based on the camping chairs in our store. The load-bearing of the iron support is slightly poor, the steel pipe is medium, and the aluminum alloy is the best. Let's take the product as an example.

Bearing capacity: 75kg, support material: Iron

Bearing 130kg, support steel

Load bearing 150kg, support 7075 aluminum pipe

Tip: when you choose, you must decide which material to choose according to the weight of your body.

At present, the cushion of outdoor camping chair is generally Oxford cloth, mesh cloth, Oxford cloth + mesh cloth. Generally speaking, mesh is more breathable in summer, but anyway, the mainstream material is Oxford.

The materials of foot pads and link points are generally rubber, plastic, etc

folding type

At present, there are two folding methods of chairs, one is easy and the other is more troublesome.

Let's start with a simple matter. In fact, opening and folding are very simple, which can be completed in one second. When storing, squeeze the four feet in the middle and immediately close them together, and then put them into the storage bag to pack and take them away.

The second kind is complicated, a bit like the design style of a tent. It is a chair support that is spliced together by short section support rods, and then hang the cushion on the support. Although it is spliced, it is not a scattered part, but there is an elastic rope inside the support rod, so it is very simple to store or open. The advantage is that this chair is generally very portable and mini after folding.

In addition to the folding method and material selection of chairs, there are two very important purchase factors, one is the appearance design, the other is the comfort of use. Generally speaking, the more comfortable the chair is, the larger the size is. The more beautiful the appearance of the chair, the price tends to be slightly higher.