How to choose a camping chair?


Apart from tents and bedding, the most common application scenario of camping is to sit, compared to sitting directly on the wet lawn or mud floor, a comfortable camping table and chair can greatly improve our happiness in the outdoors. Whether drinking, singing, or watching a bonfire dance, a comfortable outdoor table and chair will make outdoor life instantly comfortable. In camps, parks, beaches, fields and some uneven ground, people can more easily sit and enjoy nature.
Compared with the real indoor furniture, the biggest feature of outdoor tables and chairs is convenient to carry, often with convenient folding or disassembly function, mainly aluminum alloy metal and wood, the former lightweight and portable, suitable for some hiking camping scenes and the current increasingly popular lightweight Glamping activities.
We took stock of the common five categories of camping chairs, so that everyone has a preliminary understanding of this kind of products and clear their own purchase direction.
Small bench/Mazza
This kind of small bench is the smallest size of the camping chair, the lightest weight category, many styles can be collected to a mineral water bottle size is very space-saving, in addition to the bench, as the bottom of the storage box seat, high bucket and other camping supplies is also excellent, this kind of small bench variety, in addition to the most common mazar style, there are a variety of different folding stool design.
Due to the small storage volume, this type of product is particularly convenient for firewood, fire and other activities close to the ground, and can also be very convenient to go with the chai, the disadvantage is that the size is usually shorter, and the big person is not friendly when sitting.
Moon chair
The moon chair is one of the most common and comfortable chairs in camping activities, it is characterized by the chair surface concave ovoid, in line with the shape of the human body, comfortable and covering, especially suitable for Geyou palsy this most comfortable and empty posture, usually a qualified moon chair is composed of aviation aluminum alloy bracket and Oxford cloth chair surface, which is slightly larger than the small horse. It weighs about a kilo.
In the outdoors, the moon chair can adapt to the vast majority of types of activities, whether chatting, eating, fishing, such as the style with sloping back can adapt.
Some moon chairs have a high-back model, which is convenient to lie back and is more suitable for activities that are used for a longer time, and can be selected according to the use scenario.
Wood grain chair
This chair is the most stable appearance of all camping chairs, the appearance level can play the most style, whether solid wood material or wood grain aluminum alloy at a glance and the real outdoor environment, and the structure is solid and stable, the natural texture of solid wood style is good, the disadvantage is that the weight is larger, wood grain aluminum alloy is more lightweight, the price is usually cheaper, suitable for a limited budget, The pursuit of cost-effective users.
Folding chair
Backrest chair styles are more diverse, but most of them are centripetal metal skeleton and cloth surface material, structure and home chairs are relatively close, different from the moon chair concave ovoid, these large folding chairs chair surface is relatively flat, high stability, the chair back curve is more vertical than the moon chair, suitable for higher size camping table sitting, this type of chair is usually larger, The skeleton is also more solid and the feeling of sitting is more stiff, the advantage of sitting high and large size is that the body is more relaxed, and the user who is taller or has a stomach is more comfortable to use, and there will be no feeling of holding the stomach and holding the thigh.
Double chair

Although it is called a double chair, this chair is more of a double sofa meaning, suitable for couples or a larger number of camping activities, many campers also call it "sofa chair". This chair itself originated from the design of some RV camping in North America, which was intended to arrange a small environment similar to the living room at home around the campfire outside the RV. The double chair is very spacious and extremely comfortable, and if you have friends visiting your camp during group camping activities, the double chair can easily bring you closer to each other.