Why choose us?


Ningbo Light Tour Outdoor Gear Co.,Ltd. is located in Ninghai, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China and covers an area of 2000 m2.


OEM and ODM is supported. And there’s 1 year warranty time.


Besides our factory pass BSCI audit, we also apply patent for our some models.

About Us

NINGBO LIGHT TOUR OUTDOOR GEAR CO.,LTD is a factory of aluminum alloy made folding camping gear located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Outdoor activities have many advantages. It can help people relax, explore the relationship among people, lead people to a healthy and colorful life and make the world better, which is getting more and more popular. In order to to make the outdoor activities more convenient and push the development of outdoor activities, we produce many kinds of lightweight and foldable outdoor gear, which is also the origin of our brand. Our current main product is camping furniture, including camping chair, stool, folding table, hanging rack and cot. Before 2021, NINGBO LIGHT TOUR OUTDOOR GEAR CO.,LTD was part of Ninghai Jipeng Metal Product Factory which was established in 2012. At the beginning of 2021, NINGBO LIGHT TOUR OUTDOOR GEAR CO.,LTD was established and all outdoor business was moved from Ninghai Jipeng Metal Product Factory to this new company. To meet customers' huge demand and reach new sales target, NINGBO LIGHT TOUR OUTDOOR GEAR CO.,LTD moved to a bigger factory at the end of 2021. Now NINGBO LIGHT TOUR OUTDOOR GEAR CO.,LTD is located at #113, Zhaofan, Shenzhen, Ninghai, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China 315614 and covers an area of 2000㎡. Thanks to the good location, the transportation is very convenient for land, sea, air. Besides anodizing poles, we have our own workshop for all producing procedures including treatment of poles (cutting, polishing, punching), assembling, sewing and packaging. There’s no worry about the delivery time because the supply of raw material is sufficient and our suppliers are close to us. Our factory passed BSCI audit. And we have models passing relevant tests required by European and American market, including EN581 standard, REACH and CPSIA. Also we applied patents for some of our models. Because of the small size after folded and light weight, many companies are interested in our products, especially for mail delivery companies. At present, our main markets are Korea, Japan, and America. And we’re also developing European market. We had the chance to produce chairs for Aldi before. The sales revenue in 2021 reaches 4 million USD. To extend our business area, we joined many domestic exhibitions and will go abroad for foreign exhibitions as soon as the virus is not that crazy. We try our best to service our customer. OEM and ODM is supported. Customers can choose to change the colors of poles and fabric, change the material of fabric, add their own logos, design their own package or fabric. And there’s 1 year warranty time. Our customers don’t need to worry about the after-sale services.

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